Agile Business Intelligence in the Cloud for Everyone

The Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service enables organisations of all sizes to quickly and cost effectively deploy business intelligence with the simplicity of the cloud. Organisations today collect data at unprecedented rates, yet every day employees still struggle to obtain and analyse business-changing information. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service enables all users to tap into the most pertinent data, whenever and wherever they need it. The BI Cloud means that robust analysis is accessible to everyone, from individuals to large workgroups, across the enterprise.

Easy, affordable analytics in the cloud allow you to convert data into insight as fast as you can click:

  • Start with the Data - start your analysis instantly - upload your own files, then drag and drop to combine them with gold standard corporate data.
  • See the Story - automatic visualizations show what’s in your data, and you can drag and drop from a rich charting library to create compelling dashboards and reports.
  • Dig Deeper - easily combine data from multiple sources, discover new insights, and take your analysis to the next level with advanced and predictive analytics.
  • Go Mobile & Share - all your analytics are automatically available anytime, anywhere, on any device, so it’s quick and easy to share insights and drive collaboration.
  • Right Now, On Your Terms - fast, flexible analytics in the cloud empower you to get the greatest benefit from your data when it matters most - right now.

Key Features

  • Fast Time to Value -Quickly combine data from any source and rapidly create BI applications for agile analysis.
  • For Everyone, Everywhere -From executives to analysts to everyday dashboard users. In a browser or on-the-go with Mobile BI.
  • Intuitive and Powerful -dozens of visualizations and advanced calculations available in a fast, friendly UI.
  • Enterprise Class, Business Driven - the security, reliability, and performance you require, with the flexibility the business demands.


Saturn Infotech has pre-built templates, reports, and dashboards that will help to accelerate implementation of Oracle BICS. This solution gathers information from multiple sources and drives insightful decision making across the enterprise and can be deployed both in the cloud & on premise. With these pre-built templates, and our experience, we can implement a complete BICS solution in less than half the time it would take if you had to start from scratch, normally within 4 to 6 weeks

Relevant Certifications - Certified BICS Partner, Oracle Specialized Partner for Oracle BI Foundation, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Relevant Experience - One of the first service providers worldwide to develop solutions with Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service

Recognitions and Awards - Member of Oracle BI Leadership board

We have developed the most popular reports including all relevant KPIs to support users in:

Financial Analytics

Oracle ERP Cloud | Oracle E-Business Suite | PeopleSoft | JD Edwards | NetSuite | SAP

Integrate data from planning applications to analyze budget variance. Improve cash flow by understanding aging trends. Close books faster by analyzing financial statements with drill down to sub ledger transactions.

Supply Chain Analytics

Oracle ERP Cloud | Oracle E-Business Suite | PeopleSoft | JD Edwards | NetSuite | SAP

Understand how Supply Chain Analytics help organizations to assess inventory levels, likely product fulfillment needs, quickly identify potential order backlog issues, and Increase customer satisfaction through on-time delivery.

Procurement & Spend Analytics

Oracle ERP Cloud | Oracle E-Business Suite | PeopleSoft | JD Edwards | NetSuite | SAP

Procurement Analytics provide transparency across finance, operations and procurement to improve the procurement processes. Procurement analytics can help your business gain visibility into spending across multiple accounts.

Manufacturing Analytics

Oracle ERP Cloud | Oracle E-Business Suite | PeopleSoft | JD Edwards | Netsuite | SAP

Quickly sift through volumes of inventory, shipping, and other relevant data, transforming it into meaningful information.

Project Analytics

Oracle ERP Cloud | Oracle E-Business Suite | PeopleSoft | JD Edwards | Primavera | SAP

Track your project performance. Perform Earned Value Analysis. Assess your cost or budget overrun.

Human Capital Management Analytics

Oracle HCM Cloud | Workday | Taleo | Kenexa | Jobvite | Ceridian

Dig deeper into insights and reporting in HCM with BICS Prebuilt Analytics.

Marketing Analytics

Marketo | Pardot

Assess channel and program effectiveness. Increase marketing ROI. Integrate Salesforce data and orders data to understand campaign-to-cash metrics.

Eloqua Analytics

Oracle Marketing Cloud | Eloqua

Saturn's Eloqua Analytics accelerators allow Eloqua users to get more insight into their Eloqua data with Oracle BI Cloud Service.

Responsys Analytics

Oracle Marketing Cloud | Responsys

Responsys Analytics is based on Oracle's BI Cloud Service (BICS) platform that is well secured, scalable and offers the agility that empowers line of business consumers.

Sales Analytics

Oracle Sales Cloud | Salesforce

Improve your pipeline management. Understand what has changed and why it has changed. Manage an effective sales team.

Office of Finance Analytics

Oracle PBCS | Oracle EPBCS  | Oracle FCCS | Oracle ARCS

Saturn's Office of Finance Analytics can bridge the gap between reality and planning.

Banking Industry Analytics

Any Data Sources

Saturn's unique analytics solution for banking institutions. Drive revenue, control costs and mitigate risk by infusing analytics into strategic decision making for banks.

Retail Industry Analytics

Generate new insights from retail data to improve customer engagement, optimize merchandising and enhance operational efficiency.

Restaurant Industry Analytics

Terms like "analytics" and "data-driven insights" are becoming part of the smartest restaurant business conversations.

Oil & Gas Industry Analytics

In this 3 minute demo, learn how Saturn Infotech can help your Business stay on top of a changing environment with BICS pre-built Analytics Dashboard for Oil & Gas.

Call Center Industry Analytics

In this 5 minute demo, learn how Saturn Infotech can help your Call Center business improve overall efficiency with BICS Prebuilt Analytics Dashboard.

Construction Industry Analytics

Watch the live demo of Saturn's unique cloud-based analytics solution for the construction industry.

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