The Pride of Saturn Infotech

Saturn takes great pride in its employees, as our consultants are the life blood of our company. Saturn has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry and we have done this by developing and nurturing a company where individual contribution is appreciated and rewarded. While individualism is appreciated and encouraged, all of Saturn’s consultants work collaboratively as a team towards a larger good – the satisfaction of the client by delivering unparalleled results.

The value our practitioners bring is a combination of deep technical and functional skills, and industry knowledge. This synthesis of expertise helps us know which questions to ask, which pitfalls to avoid, and when and where extra effort is needed. The result is efficiently achieving a streamlined design, and a solution architecture that can grow and change with the business environment.

Technical: Saturn is home to some of the most experienced consultants in the industry. Most have between 10 and 15 years of OLAP and business intelligence experience, making them true pioneers in the technology. We are an agile, tight-knit organization with a deep bench of W2 employees who can fully cover the Oracle Hyperion (EPM) and BI spectrum.

Functional: Saturn’s consultants also have extensive functional experience in the financial consolidation, planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis processes. A significant portion of every project involves financial process re-engineering to increase efficiency and confidence in data. The key to successful implementations are consultants who bring the right mix of technical product knowledge along with significant functional experience. A majority of Saturn’s consultants have accounting and/or finance backgrounds, along with the technical experience, so they can both understand and articulate business problems and also offer solutions and best practices at the same time. We believe this is a major differentiator for Saturn from other consulting practices.

Industry: Saturn has experience with virtually every major industry. This experience is invaluable when providing clients with guidance around industry-specific best practices.

The common thread shared by all of Saturn’s practitioners, is the commitment to our clients and to our team. The ultimate goal of Saturn’s engagements is always complete empowerment of the client. We work together to ensure that when we leave, the client is in control of his or her solution. Not only can they use their solution; they can maintain it over time. We accomplish this goal by starting knowledge transfer at the onset of every engagement. From the first meeting through the final wrap-up, the transfer of knowledge is a continuous, critical process.

We believe that our experience, combined with our commitment, provides our customers with the lowest risk, highest value solution. And we stand by our work.

Saturn Infotech has been acquired by
Jade Global Inc.

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