Implementations and Upgrades

We understand how to help small, midsize and enterprise clients improve their business process through smart design, selection of technology, and straight-forward implementations - on premise and in the cloud.

Our range of project sizes demonstrates our commitment at all levels. From smaller projects that have very limited budgets to complex systems where we work with clients across their entire enterprise, we closely align the demands and requirements of our clients with our delivery teams to ensure that in the end we have met their specific criteria for success.

At SII, implementation will be a scalable, simple and well integrated solution that will provide the user with a flexible and rich platform for analysis and reporting. SII will ensure that the solution is highly adopted by all the users; and that it can be easily maintained and supported by the business team. Our “Front to Back” project approach and iterative methodology are two key factors that allow us to attain 100% user adoption and bring projects in on time and budget.

SII implementation methodology guidelines are built upon:

  • New Business Process Design
  • Prototyping and Early Application Build
  • Multi-phase, Iterative/Spiral Approach
  • Business User Engagement - 100% adoption
  • Knowledge Transfer/Mentoring of Client Staff