Managed Services

Every system requires expert support and BI/ERP applications are no different

Our team of dedicated professionals can help lower costs and alleviate resource constraints. We can host your BI/ERP environments in a cost-effective and secure fashion. We can also assist your support and administration team, whether your applications are on-premise or hosted, with our a-la-carte Managed Services, specifically catered to your ERP needs. We can manage anything from customized escalations to complete system administration outsourcing and everything in between.


SII offers both virtual (vPC) and private (pPC) cloud hosted environments.

  • Lower the total cost of ownership and reduce data center bloat
  • Secure and Regulatory Compliant environments
  • Predictable performance and rapid provisioning
  • Retained control of the environment
  • Enhanced Continuity (Highly-Available and Disaster Recovery options)

Managed Services

SII offers support models designed to alleviate the BI/ERP support burden many companies face. We can assist with any level of support, whether application or infrastructure.

  • Best in-class BI/ERP services focused on a deep understanding of client environments
  • Real-time monitoring with a customer facing portal facilitating issue tracking, usage and system utilization
  • Customer negotiated SLAs and services allow the client to own as much, or as little, of the BI/ERP support as desired
  • Regular ‘health-checks’ of client environments to ensure proper tuning and performance