Is your Oracle Hyperion EPM or Oracle BI Application Sick?

The Saturn HealthCheck provides existing Oracle Hyperion EPM and BI customers with an opportunity for a third party to review and assess their current solutions

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Your Problems

There is no magic bullet that will pinpoint the exact problems in your Hyperion system. The right solution comes from the right tools and expertise to make the proper detection, assessment, and eventual remediation of your problems. Saturn can streamline the health check process for your EPM and BI Application through our Hyperion Planning Health Checklist:


Saturn’s Assessment process helps clients define their business needs and prioritizes those needs into an BI/EPM Roadmap and timeline. We take into account your current IT investments, budget, and outline the benefits of different future state options, including functionality and cost differences. The review covers areas such as migration from an existing software application, to an upgraded version of that application software, or migration to new application software.

The following will be delivered as part of the Saturn Infotech HealthCheck:

  • One-on-One meetings with Business and IT Functional Teams to understand short-term, medium and long-term plans and objectives, as well as pressing pain points
  • Identification of current capabilities & improvements needed to achieve business plans/objectives
  • Findings which identifies specific issues impacting the health of an application
  • Recommendations categorized into a road map of short term and longer term enhancements
  • Executive summary with overall health status
  • Meeting with the customer to walk through the Saturn HealthCheck evaluation and discuss any questions or next steps

Contact us to learn more about how Saturn can help you by evaluating your existing Oracle EPM (Hyperion) and BI System.

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