QlikView Consulting Services

Our team of certified and experienced QlikView consultants have many years of experience working with multi-industries. Let Saturn Infotech's expert staff show you the power of QlikView and its associative in-memory technology.

Saturn Infotech's certified QlikView consultants have experience in delivering everything from simple dashboards and score-cards to complex what-if scenarios, and highly configurable and dynamic solutions that allow true slicing and dicing of data.

Professional Services Offerings

  • Project Management: our management staff has extensive experience managing the delivery of business intelligence and business analytics solutions of all different sizes and levels of complexity. We know the right questions to ask to ensure mission critical information is discovered and managed correctly. This allows Saturn Infotech to minimize your project risk while maximizing your return on investment by raising the quality of the end-solution through the application of project management and the enforcement of best practices.
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis: we will gather your data analysis, user interface (UI), hardware, and network security requirements for inclusion into your QlikView solution.
  • Enterprise Architecture: unlock the full potential of the QlikView product suite by deploying with the appropriate software and hardware architecture and best practices. Saturn Infotech expert QlikView services staff has experience delivering solutions that does both summary and detail level analysis across billions of rows of data with the number of possible dimensions and measures far exceeding that of cube based analysis systems. Finally by implementing QlikView your company can effectively do analysis on a boarder range, scope, and depth of its data, allowing for the discovery of trends in your business that were previously unknown.
  • Expert Services: our staff has experience developing and delivering; advanced security configurations using QlikView's DMS (Document Meta-data Services) mode and GetTicketing architecture to develop single sign-on solutions and custom portal integrations in highly secure environments, building custom chart visualizations by using QlikView Extension Objects to integrate third-party charting and reporting tools into the QlikView environment, using QlikView Workbench to build custom web integrations that allow you to embed QlikView content in your home grown Visual Studio Web Application, and developing custom interfaces to the QlikView Management Service (QMS) API to enable customers to automate previously manual QlikView services management task.
  • Associative Data Modeling: a major factor in the usability and performance of your QlikView solution is the proper design of QlikTech's patented Associative Data Models. At Saturn Infotech we have developed the tools and techniques to help us quickly build robust Associative Data Models to meet the adhoc reporting and analytics needs of your business while not losing sight of the methods that increase your data models efficiency to maximize the performance and usability.
  • Proof-of-Concept (POC): harmonization of data and UI requirements into high-impact, "Seeing Is Believing" prototypes. Tell us your business pain, and share with us a sample of your data structure, and we will share with you a custom built solution that demonstrates how QlikView can address your business needs.
  • Rapid Applications Development: we start building every solution by utilizing an extensive code base of predeveloped, tested, and managed reusable sub routines that accelerate the development cycle of solutions while helping to enforce QlikView best practices and enterprise architecture. Saturn Infotech's QlikView RAD Template allows you to realize the benefit of years of experience developing QlikView solutions the moment your project starts.
  • Implementation: professional installation and configuration of QlikView Client, QlikView Server (QVS), QlikView Publisher (QVP) , and other supporting technologies such as the GeoQlik GIS integration for QlikView and the QvExcel add-on that allows you to dynamically tie MS Excel to QlikView Server. Let our professional QlikView services team help you get your QlikView Business Intelligence implementation up and running smoothly.
  • QlikView Custom Data Connectors: connect, consolidate and analyze data from multiple despaired data sources quickly and easily. QlikView has custom data connectors available for SAP® R/3®, mySAP™, SAP BW and non-SAP sources like Salesforce, that accelerate the development of solutions against these data-sources.
  • QlikView Support Packages and Remote Monitoring: Saturn Infotech is happy to custom design a QlikView support package that meets the demands of your IT organization. We ensure that the health of your QlikView deployment is good and that your mission critical QlikView applications reload without error, and are readily available to your business users.
  • QlikView Training: Enterprise Architecture, Back Development, Front-End UI, and Server Administration training.