Report Conversion Services

BI Platform standardization and introduction of new BI Tools can continually take away good chunk of new BI budgets as well as valuable time and mind share of IT and Business Teams. Saturn extracts report information from a current reporting source, then converts and publishes your reports to the desired target system. Once complete, users can use their original reports in the new target system.

Saturn converts reports from any reporting source (e.g., WEBI to OBIEE / BI Publisher , Crystal reports to OBIEE, BRIO to OBIEE, BRIO / IR to BI Publisher, Actuate to OBIEE, Discoverer to OBIEE ) to work in any BI destination system . Since the conversion is largely automated, the majority of all conversions occur at the lightning speed of technology, bringing enormous cost-and-time savings for customers otherwise facing grueling manual conversion efforts.

Migrate Legacy Reports to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

Oracle EBS Reports to OBIEE

With Oracle announcing the sunset of their E-Business Suite legacy reporting tools (Oracle Reports, XML Publisher), migration to Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (OBIEE) is an effort that should be a high priority on your list. At Saturn, we recognize that typical organizations have made significant investments over the years to develop reporting solutions based on these platforms. Our goal is to help our customers reuse as much of that investment as possible while taking the full advantage of OBIEE’s advanced features.

Traditional E-Business reporting tools involves heavy reporting from legacy tools like Oracle Reports and XML Publisher. The major drawbacks of using these tool are:

  • The time consuming maintenance efforts and complexity of the development.
  • Administration and monitoring of these tools are also tedious tasks.
  • They do not provide ad-hoc/ self-service reporting.
  • They increases the load of concurrent managers and slows down other crucial processes.
  • Analysts end up having many ad-hoc queries those are not security protected and hard to manage them.

Migration projects are complex; they involve technology and architecture decisions, emotions and politics (e.g. people who don’t like change and resist adopting a new platform), scope creep and other forces that cannot be easily controlled. Saturn can help you navigate the complex world of migrating legacy reporting platforms to OBIEE; we not only understand the technology pieces but we are well prepared to help you address the various non-technological challenges.

Saturn works with you to craft out a roadmap and a migration plan. We will create a complete inventory of all current reports and the user community as well as the usage patterns for each reporting area. Even though the migration is not meant to be a re-write of your reporting solution, we take advantage of this opportunity to remove obsolete reports and re-architect other reports to make them more usable, improve their performance or introduce functional changes to make existing reports available to a broader audience. Since OBIEE is an enterprise class Business Intelligence tool with a multitude of features not available in legacy reporting tools, we also ensure that we introduce some of these features on a case by case basis. Bottom line, we make sure you get the most out of your investment. In addition, we address the security aspect of the solution, a component typically neglected at the early stages of the migration process.

A Different Way of Thinking About Business Intelligence

It’s not just about converting from one technology to another; at Saturn we view these migration efforts as a means of introducing a different way of looking at Business Intelligence. Traditionally, most organizations have siloed reporting solutions that are used by a few users and leverage historical data to look at reporting results using a fragmented view of the organization. Our goal is not only to migrate your legacy reporting infrastructure to OBIEE but also to get you to start thinking along these lines:

Hyperion IR/BRIO to OBIEE

Back in the days when organizations adapted Hyperion Interactive reporting/BRIO reporting, it served sole purpose of delivering Interactive Reporting that can pull together data from disparate sources to produce, charts, pivot tables and formatted reports. As the demand of smarter report grew, the older Hyperion IR lacked on many fronts like ad-hoc query capability, mobile friendly reporting, and central administration and secure data caching amongst multiple reports.

With the latest release of advanced BI tools like OBIEE 12c, companies could leverage live reports, prompts, charts, pivot tables, graphics, and tickers in a pure Web architecture. The user has full capability for drilling, navigating, modifying, and interacting with these results even from their mobile devices. Saturn experts carefully designed migration package for old Hyperion IR/BRIO customers to quickly move on to OBIEE with prebuilt template dashboards and prebuilt migration scripts.

Saturn utilizes following reusable tools for Hyperion IR (Brio) to OBIEE migration process

  • Successful and proven migration methodology
  • Oracle migration utility – Hyperion BQY to OBIEE
  • Custom programs to migrate security model
  • Custom scripts to migrate Essbase security filters
  • Proven methodology to implement effective caching
  • Load test scripts to simulate the Production like usage
  • Pre-defined dashboard templates

BI Migration Methodology

  • Capex Planning & Workforce Planning with PBCS
  • ODI Framework to load PBCS from EBS
  • EPM On-Premises to PBCS Migration Utility Tool Kit
  • ions can provide visibility, insight, and compliance:

Discoverer Reports to OBIEE

Oracle's Business Intelligence Discoverer is an ad- hoc query and analysis reporting tool oriented for end users to have easy access to relational and multi-dimensional data. As Oracle has officially declared to retire Oracle Discoverer and recommends customers to do a license migration to Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Saturn has invested time to build “Tools” that will help the migration project smooth, easy and reliable.

Moving to OBIEE offers many advantages to your organization, whether you migrate completely or use the platform alongside Discoverer. OBIEE, the alerting and distribution tool provided and gives you the ability to set thresholds, build workflows and generate alerts based on KPIs and conditions you and your users can set, and also provide mobile compatibility for the same reports.

OBIEE benefits over Discoverer:

  • Connectivity to non-Oracle data sources – DB/2, SQL Server, MDX, XML etc
  • More visualization options – Charts, gauges, pictures, controls – Interactive dashboards, drill-in-place
  • Performance – Easier to tune SQL – Caching, summary management
  • Alerting, distribution
  • SOA and Web Services connectivity
  • All end-user tools thin-client.

Migration Process:

Saturn follows the proven methodology with tools and programs to migrate the Discoverer objects to Oracle BIFS.

Actuate Reports to OBIEE

With the success of Oracle’s Business Intelligence software, many enterprise companies are looking to switch from their current reporting systems such as Actuate BIRT to BI Publisher. As experts in reporting and business intelligence, we offer our customers our Report Conversion Service which specializes in Actuate BIRT to BI Publisher migration.

Actuate BIRT

Actuate BIRT is a 100% pure Java reporting tool for building and publishing reports. Its charting engine allows users to include charts in reports or add standalone charting capabilities to Java applications.

Oracle BI Publisher

BI Publisher is Oracle’s reporting solution that helps manage and deliver reports and documents easier and faster than any other reporting tools. It can create everything from pixel-perfect documents to interactive management reports, and merge multiple data sources into a single document. Additionally, Publisher allows users to view reports online, or bulk schedule them.

Convert any complex report into a BI Publisher report!

Save your company and IT team the time and money of having to manually convert complex data. At Saturn, our report conversion consultants accurately extracts data from your current reporting source and converts it into your desired reporting system, such as BI Publisher or OBIEE.

Still using PeopleSoft Crystal Reporting?

PeopleTools 8.54 is the last release to support Crystal Reports, and PeopleTools 8.51 was the last release to bundle it. The support of these reports will end along with the Premier Support of 9.1 applications. Before July 2011, Oracle supported these reports to benefit PeopleSoft customers. Now, however, users will have improved reporting and analytic tools available to them to support their reporting needs. Users previously using Crystal Reports will be able to switch over to Oracle’s Business Intelligence Publisher tool. BI Publisher is the reporting platform for all PeopleSoft 9.2 applications.

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher, formerly XML Publisher) is an enterprise reporting solution that streamlines report and form generation. One of the main advantages to using Oracle's BI Publisher product is the separation of the data extraction process from the report layout. BI Publisher enables customers to design and create report layout templates with the more common desktop applications of Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, and renders XML data based on those templates. With a single template, it can generate reports in many formats (PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, and so on) in many languages. Oracle’s Business Intelligence Publisher approach to reporting can dramatically reduce report maintenance, enabling power business users to adjust report templates without involvement of IT resources.

Oracle BI Publisher allows users to create, manage and distribute interactive and polished reports geared toward customers. Oracle BI Publisher also allows users to create government forms and electronic funds transfer documentation. BI Publisher makes creating reports easy and efficient, allowing users to set up reports exactly as they would like with the flexibility to export it in a number of different formats. Users can also schedule when and where they would like the reports to be delivered, such as via email. BI Publisher can also help users manage government regulatory reports.

Interested in utilizing BI Publisher? Saturn experts can help you.

The Power of BI Publisher for JD Edwards Reporting

The flexibility and capabilities of BI Publisher Enterprise with JDBC connectivity expand beyond the One View Reporting limitations to deliver real-time operational and financial reporting for JD Edwards customers.

Quickly and Easily Analyze Your Data

  • Create Data Models across multiple JD Edwards modules
  • Concatenate fields together i.e. Object.Subsidiary and Description
  • Create run-time parameters for reports
  • Calculate time-based metrics i.e. Year to Date Actual Amount
  • Create drillable operational and financial reports
  • Schedule and email distribute reports to users

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