Effective & Efficient Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Delivered Faster

Does your current business planning or forecasting solution struggle to stay relevant, up-to-date or accurate?  Can your solution quickly adapt when your business, strategy or your industry changes? Would your existing solution remain viable if your company doubled in size or complexity this year?

We have seen customers struggle with these business planning challenges time and time again and we continue to see these challenges across any industry in companies of all sizes.  If these challenges sound familiar, you are not alone.  Research from CFO Magazine found that although revenue is stabilizing, “budgeting and planning continue to challenge CFOs and their finance teams”.  The challenge is attributed to ever changing business conditions impacted by market trends, as well as unique issues within specific industries.  Business planners need to get relevant, up-to-date and accurate data from various systems and implement (or redesign) solutions so that they can plan or forecast effectively and efficiently while adapting to changes in a scalable way.

Saturn Infotech specializes in helping customers understand, design and implement world-class Oracle EPM solutions that are customized for the unique needs and requirements of each customer while benefiting from decades of analysis and implementation experience.  We help our customers understand how to balance functionality and complexity while avoiding usability compromises for the business planning process.  Saturn delivers hundreds of custom (driver-based and non-driver based) business planning solution components every year that are effective, efficient, scalable and adaptable, which may include:

  • Balance Sheet Planning
  • Income Statement Planning
  • Revenue Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Capital Expense Planning
  • Operating Expense Planning
  • Project Financial Planning
  • Strategic (Long-Term) Planning
  • Other (Custom) Planning

We will partner with you to deliver a solution from start to finish, and we routinely do it faster than other consulting firms, limiting your risk, time and resource investment, by executing your project the right way.  We pride ourselves in the creation of solutions that allow our customers to own and maintain their investment.  From our 2-day saturn HealthCheck to our configuration and implementation expertise to our installation, training and outsourcing services, we can move your finance team beyond the challenges of planning and forecasting to proactively adapt to changing business conditions in an agile manner.

Our Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting solutions

  • Ensure accuracy with a centralized, single-data repository that validates forecasts
  • Answer complicated strategic questions with a sophisticated analytical engine and optional drill-though technology
  • Reduce the time to deliver planning and forecasting results through automated processes and quick-to-implement modules
  • Optimize resource allocation strategies with customized algorithms and industry best practices
  • Align operational and strategic planning and forecasting efforts by leveraging hierarchical flows  and structured procedures
  • Boost enterprise-wide adoption and collaboration with an easy to use Excel-like interface built for use by finance
  • Prevent data breaches using the latest security technology and methods
  • Support advanced modeling and enable ‘what-if’ scenario analysis


Saturn Infotech has been acquired by
Jade Global Inc.

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