Augmented Reality

Saturn Infotech is a leading augmented reality development company with a team of experts capable of pushing the limits of the latest technologies. We develop unique and customized AR solutions that overlay users’ surroundings with realistic 3D models and animation, high-resolution video, and other custom-tailored data. Boasting years of combined experience, Saturn Infotech strives to create best-augmented reality experiences on mobile devices and other platforms, providing full-cycle AR development services and individual solutions.

There is no limit to the industries where AR technology can be applied, and our company is ready to develop solutions for diverse markets, including education, gaming, retail, military, publishing, industrial design, and many others. We have learned from numerous interactive technology examples on the market and applied the knowledge to our work. After you share your vision for an AR project with us, our specialists will spare no effort to bring it to life and deliver a solution that will work wonders for your business.

Through its versatility and wide range of use, augmented reality provides significant advantages to businesses. For one thing, it grants users a multitude of visualization and customization options, along with a learning option. In the context of customers using AR products to shop, this provides them with a better experience, enhances product recognition, and boosts their engagement with the company.

Augmented Reality SDK We Support:

Wikitude, Vuforia, ARKit, ARCore, Xzimg, OpenCV, Maxst, DeepAR, Xzimg

What We Can Do For You

Full-Cycle AR Development

Regardless of a solution’s complexity, we have the experience and expertise to complete every stage of AR development. From concept design to post-production support, we have you covered. Using AR development kits such as ARToolKit, ARKit, and ARCore and Unity cross-platform engine, we also create interactive content for various industries.

AR Training & Simulation

AR applications are beneficial in visualizing complex and unusual settings. With these advantages, it is no surprise that augmented reality simulation, and AR education apps are becoming increasingly popular. We have developed several augmented reality training apps and augmented reality apps for education.

Augmented Reality Games

Over the past several years, the game industry has been reinvigorated with some of the best AR games ever developed, and the augmented reality games market is stronger than ever. Our company has a long history of game development and has all the expertise necessary to create augmented reality games successfully.

Location-based AR apps

With location-based augmented reality software, users can get more out of their everyday surroundings and travels. Saturn Infotech has substantial experience working with location-based augmented reality on mobile phones and other platforms and will deliver successful results.

Markerless AR Apps

Markerless tracking augmented reality applications have received heaps of praise for their convenience and expanded functionality, and the development of these apps is in high demand. With the help of our developer team, you can create a markerless augmented reality android application (or iOS application), which will effectively add digital elements to any real-world setting with no extra effort by users.

Marker-based AR applications

There are many complexities involved in marker-based AR Apps development. With our expertise, you can expect your game/application to make full use of camera capabilities and different physical markers, achieving multi-marker augmented reality flawlessly.

AR for Commerce

Augmented reality is revolutionizing how retailers market services and goods to consumers. By allowing potential customers to test various models and layouts via AR, you help them be confident in their decisions, resulting in more purchases and higher customer satisfaction.

AR Visual Presentations

When you need to showcase a product, few things are more impressive than presenting it digitally via augmented reality. Our team will capture the structure, appearance, and other characteristics of your product with high accuracy and make sure that the AR model is just as distinguished as the original and accessible on different platforms, including mobile AR.

AR configurators

Customization is one of the most significant selling points in a shopping experience, but it has its merits in other industries as well. With AR configurators, businesses and consumers can modify a product, look at it in more detail, and sometimes test its functions. As one of the best-augmented reality companies, we know the intricacies of augmented reality configurators well and will help to fulfill different business needs.

Virtual tours with augmented reality

Augmented reality is used to create tours of exotic locations or as an addition to already-existing tours that add some unique digital elements. Furthermore, tour-goers get a rich and fulfilling experience from the trip. Whether you want to use this augmented reality in museum environments or other locations, we will bring the technology, expertise, and effort to make it happen.

AR for Interior design and real estate

Our company can create 3D models for AR in different settings and integrate them into applications with a wide array of features, such as rotation, motion, and customization. Speaking about building 3D models for AR in interior design and modeling, these models typically represent furniture, home accessories, and the home structure.

What industry are you in? Time to benefit from AR solutions!


AR in retail has many uses. We have tremendous experience in the development of retail apps such as an AR shopping mall, product simulators, and other augmented reality shopping experiences.


AR is changing how people consume media, with many companies developing an augmented reality social media app, hoping to apply augmented reality in television news or working on other media solutions.


We develop AR apps that stimulate active learning from students by making the most up-to-date educational and training theories.

Marketing & Advertising

Promoting your products and brand with AR is a unique approach that can pay off in a big way. With AR product placement, visualization, and customer engagement, you can boost your business.


Whether you are developing a game, planning augmented reality live events, or some other entertainment experience, AR technology will help immerse and enthrall its participants.

Industrial Design

Interactive user manuals, facility guides, and other AR solutions to make it easier for your products’ users to understand its features.

Food & Beverage

Set your products apart from competitors by using AR development technology – a simple scanning of your products could reveal recipes, nutritional facts, special offers, etc.

Construction & Real Estate

The visualization capabilities of AR make it a great fit for real estate, with a diverse range of applications, including augmented reality rental services, digital tours of properties, and augmented reality zoo simulation.


We apply our technical expertise and unique vision to provide full-cycle AR game development and custom-tailored solutions for companies hoping to break into this lucrative field.

Military & Defense

Interactive manuals (IETMs) for military devices and equipment, highly-realistic AR training solutions to make your soldiers mission-ready.

Technology Stack for iOS: Swift, Xcode + ARKit, SceneKit, Metal for 3D objects, Unity3D (C#)

Technology Stack for Android: Java, Kotlin, Android Studio, ARCore, Unity3D (C#), Unreal Engine, Facebook AR Studio, Wikitude, Vuforia, device-specific development kits

Beyond Reality

Augmenting is often used synonymously with making something bigger and better, so it stands to reason that augmented reality is a way of improving our world. This technology has experienced a massive surge of interest and investments in recent years, and it is changing so many aspects of our lives, from entertainment to medicine to healthcare. The companies riding this wave of innovation and investing in AR solutions are gaining not only the chance to change their business but also the world around them.