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DevOps Tools

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Docker DevOps

Docker is world’s leading containerization platform. Using Docker DevOps tool, we define custom environments that help to create and deploy apps faster, optimize the infrastructure, decrease cost and increase efficiency.

We can also address the problems of evolving application needs from adding new capabilities and scaling services, to quickly changing problem areas using Docker DevOps tool.

Chef DevOps

Chef provides a framework to automate and manage your infrastructure. We have used various Chef DevOps products including Chef servers and Chef delivery for successful Chef IT automation.

Using Chef DevOps tool, we help to accelerate the adoption of continuous delivery and encourage DevOps collaboration. Chef DevOps tool is evolving fast and our experts ensure that while developing Chef IT automation roadmap, we include the latest updates and best practices.

Puppet DevOps

Puppet is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure – no matter where it runs. Using Puppet DevOps automation tool, we are able to deploy changes rapidly, ensure recovery from failures faster and free your team from the hassle of infrastructure management.

Puppet DevOps tool helps to maintain consistency across various environments such as development, test, and production.

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We have expertise in Chef, Puppet, and Docker for DevOps. Using these tools we can ensure an end to end Chef IT automation, Puppet automation or Docker continuous integration. In addition to this, we also have worked on various tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven, Ant & Gradle for continuous integration and AWS CodeDeploy, Capistrano & custom shell scripts for deployments.

Our DevOps Engineers do not work on redundant tasks. Whether it needs integrating industry standard DevOps tools like Chef, Puppet, and Docker or customized scripting, they ensure not to repeat themselves. Redundant tasks could be anything from setting up recipes, creating replica environments, ensuring backups, configuration management, code deployments, continuous integration, load testing etc. Our team will help you identify and integrate right tools and processes to automate different kinds of tasks.

We really understand your concern for Docker DevOps tool and have dealt with this concern almost every time a new client talks to us. Just to give you some comfort, we are an advanced consulting partner of AWS and are managing the AWS infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley start-ups. We have extremely stringent processes around Docker DevOps security for internal team members. We would be very happy to share a couple of references who could share their experience working with us.

We have a team of certified architects and engineers who can help you leverage the cloud platforms in the best possible way. We specialize in automation of redundant tasks and integrating niche tools like Chef DevOps, Puppet DevOps, Docker continuous integration & Jenkins. We have done 100+ implementations in the past, so we understand best practices & IT automation tools to ensure security and scalability of the infrastructure. We focus a lot on continuous learning and promote our team members to attain appropriate certifications over time. Other than standard AWS/DevOps certifications, we also get our team members go through specific tools and technology training such as Chef IT automation, Puppet automation, Docker continuous integration, MongoDB administration, etc. empowering them to be more productive while implementing Puppet automation, Chef IT automation or any other projects.