Idea to App

We work with startups and enterprise
to craft their idea to app in 16 weeks

Our Recipe to Launch Apps at 5X Speed

We know what it takes to execute an idea to app, so we have built purpose-driven teams with six cross-functional roles: User Experience, Product Design, Engineering & DevOps, Agile, Analytics, and Digital Marketing to help you create an app at lightning speed without compromising on the quality. We work fast, and we work smartly.

Our Process of executing a great idea to app start with Design Sprint. We begin by identifying the problem, define the problem, and find
possible solutions to the problem statement. It helps our teams to build a hypothesis, prototyping an idea, and testing it in a short time
with as little investment as possible. We at Saturn Infotech conduct user testing and get validation before getting into app development.
It helps us refine the user experience design before any code is written.

An excellent mobile and web app design are not about creating beautiful and polished screens. That helps, but the most crucial
aspect of any app that we design is centered around user experience. It becomes more critical as you start to consider emerging
technologies like voice using Amazon Lex or Google Dialog flow, where there is voice UX with no visual design. Even in traditional
mobile apps, pretty UI doesn’t necessarily solve the user problem — but a great user experience does.

At Saturn Infotech , we take an agile and lean startup way to app development. With carefully planned two week sprints, we commit to a
series of new feature sets based on the user stories. At the end of the sprints, our teams review the work that was completed and
plan for the next sprint.

At Saturn Infotech , the use of DevOps has helped us release Mobile and Web Apps more quickly and with fewer errors. All our deployments
go through stringent DevOps guidelines using tools like Bitbucket, Jenkins, SonarQube, and many more. We have fully automated
deployment pipeline for Mobile Apps, Web Applications, and this continuous delivery and Continuous Integration practices have
resulted in more than 100 deployments for multiple clients a day with minimal disruptions.

The growth phase for any app idea kicks off the moment the app reaches the app store or play store and is “launched.” The user
stops using the app during the first 30 days after they’ve installed it. At Saturn Infotech , we help you in technical support, marketing, and
improvements based on customer reviews to maintain the long-term success of your app.