Machine Learning

Machine Learning
Predictions and Prescriptions to win in the AI Economy

Data explosion, Data science advancements, and proliferation of low cost, high performance computing like never before has contributed significantly in making Artificial Intelligence a reality. Within a span of few years, artificial intelligence (AI) is embedded in almost every sphere of our lives! It touches the way we shop, learn, travel, eat or obtain any services. For businesses, AI helps in better decision making, improved efficiencies, higher productivity, enhanced user engagement and improved profitability.

Machine Learning, one of theĀ enablers of Artificial Intelligence, provides systems with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine-learning algorithms detect patterns and learn how to make predictions and prescriptions by harnessing historical data and their associated outcomes. The algorithms are also capable of adapting to new data and improve their performance over time.

With a dedicated center of excellence for Artificial Intelligence, mature and predictable processes and extensive experience in delivering business results through machine learning, we are well positioned to help you realize the full benefits of machine learning in the shortest possible time.


Our Service Offerings:

Supervised Learning :

Supervised learning is when an algorithm uses training data to learn the relationship of given inputs to a given output and calculates/predicts behavior on the new data.

Algorithms: Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Logistic Regression

How can we help? Fraud Detection, Market Segmentation, Customer Segmentation, Pattern or Face Recognition, Image Classification, Marketing Forecasting, Advertising Popularity Predictions etc.

Unsupervised Learning:

Unsupervised learning is when an algorithm finds patterns and classifies the data without being given an explicit output variable.

Algorithms: K-Means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering, Gaussian mixture model
How can we help? Recommendation System, Customer Segmentation, Spam Filtering, News Classification, Social Network Analysis, Search Result Grouping, Image Segmentation, Anomaly Detection, Big Data Visualization, Feature Elicitation, Email Classification among others.

Reinforced Learning:

Reinforced learning is when an algorithm learns to perform a task simply by trying to maximize rewards it receives for its actions.

Algorithms: Markov Decision Processes, Temporal Difference, Policy Gradient, Value Function, Q-Learning and SARSA
How can we help? Optimize pricing system, Optimize trading strategy, Load balancing

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